Tax and Estate planning

Helping you make the most of your personal allowances and maximising tax efficiencies.

The right support

General tax planning is appropriate for all as few people like to pay more than they have to.

Whilst a complex area, there are many actions that can be taken to reduce future tax liabilities, whether this income, capital gains or inheritance tax.

Annual Tax Planning

Our team has a wealth of experience to help you manage your future income and capital gains tax liabilities.

One area is through your pension contributions, which not only provides tax relief at your marginal rate but can also help reduce the effects of the high-income child benefit charge, reduce your tax liability when encashing an investment bond and reclaim your personal allowance (if reduced or lost due to earnings being in excess of £100,000).

Estate Planning

Inheritance tax (IHT) used to be the preserve of the rich but given rises in property values over the past 30 years and with the IHT threshold (the value of your estate not subject to IHT) remaining at £325,000 until at least April 2026 many more people are now being affected than ever before.

A projected IHT liability does not have to mean that your beneficiaries will receive less than the full value of your estate, which you have worked hard to accumulate over the years. Through appropriate planning a future tax liability can be reduced, potentially avoided altogether or met by other means.

Through working with you and gaining an understanding of the value and composition of your estate, we are able to advise on the use of allowances, IHT friendly investments and appropriate insurances. 

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